We know you’re unique, that‘s why the Beauty Gurus is proud of its philosophy of being founded by surgeons (not salespeople) with the aim of offering you the best possible experience – from initial contact, to consultation, to surgery and last but not least, the best after-care service.

That’s why we are particularly delighted when our patient’s decide to write and tell us how pleased they are following their experience with the Beauty Gurus.  Here are just a few comments for your interest.



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Patient Testimonials

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What people say about The Beauty Gurus

Gail G

Procedure / Treatment: Tummy tuck with liposuction

Surgeon: Vik Vijh

After a lifetime of obesity, due to a combination of underactive thyroid, a demanding job, stress and resistance to exercise, I finally retired and lost 5 stones. I then embarked on getting fit and have been weight training for almost two years. Thus, at the age of 63, I was slimmer and healthier than at any stage in my adult life - but, unfortunately, my body was carrying saggy pouches where my spares tyres used to be and nothing I could do would shift them. Having investigated other surgeons and missed the boat with one (he retired before I got thin) and being totally underwhelmed with another, I found myself watching TV to see Mr Vijh repairing poor surgery done by others. Research confirmed my feeling that this was the man for me and I made an appointment to have a consultation.  My immediate impression was that this was an honest, realistic surgeon at the top of his game. He told me what I could reasonably expect and what would be involved. I signed up on the spot and am now 10 days post full tummy tuck with lipo. I can honestly say that this has exceeded my wildest expectations! The whole hospital experience was reassuring and professional - I felt that I was in safe hands from the start. Returning home, I was fortunate not to need the full dose of pain meds prescribed because it really was far, far less painful than I had anticipated. I was standing straight within the first week and moving much more easily after 5 days. Although I still have swelling, I can see that the result is far better than I was before - even if it never got better than this, I would be delighted! I cannot recommend Mr Vijh enough. The man is quite simply a genius. He does not raise false expectations nor promise unrealistic results, just tells you straight what is possible - which is exactly what I wanted.  In fact, I’d say he underplays the end result! His anaesthetist Harjot was the most reassuring presence imaginable and the office staff have answered my many queries promptly and helpfully. I know that every patient’s experience is unique but, for me, this has been the most wonderful thing ever and I am happier than I ever thought possible.

John C

Procedure / Treatment: Gynaecomastia

Surgeon: Mr Vijh

Having Gynaecomastia surgery with Dr Vijh has changed my life, it has given me so much more confidence. He is a very skillful surgeon and one of the very few that can do the whole operation (gland removal too) all through small incisions in the arm pit. I don’t understand why guys still go to other surgeons having their nipples cut open. I would recommend Dr Vijh to anyone considering Gynaecomastia surgery.


Procedure / Treatment: Abdominoplasty

Surgeon: Mr Vijh

Mr Vijh was the second Harley St surgeon I saw having become aware of him from TV. My initial impression of Mr Vijh at consultation was his affable nature. I also found him considered in his opinions, evidently based on his experience but at the same time I felt fully able to make my own decisions throughout the process. The consultation was unhurried and informative, him showing me a gallery of photos of relevant procedures he had conducted. After the consultation I felt confident in having him as my surgeon. All my surgery is now complete and I feel a different person, much happier with the way I look, having experienced significant weight loss and consequential redundant skin. Most notably, I now have a perfectly flat tummy and neat scar rather than a overhang which I absolutely detested. I found Mr Vijh to be a surgeon who invested much in the aesthetic outcome with no bar on surgery time to achieve a particular result - ‘it takes as long as it takes’ could be his motto. It appeared to me that he was able to use his skill and experience with an innate ability to produce a desired result, even in uncharted territory. I liken this to an accomplished chef who instinctively knows how much of what ingredient works to produce a Michelin starred dish; (not underestimating the intellectual rigour involved in surgery). It has also has to be said that the post-operative care has been excellent. Warmest wishes to Mr Vijh and his team.

Lisa P

Procedure / Treatment: Breast augmentation and upper eyelids

Surgeon: Mr Vijh

“I have loved the results of both of my procedures with Mr Vijh, I have exactly what I wanted.  Mr Vijh is very professional and a very skilled surgeon who I have and will recommend.  I have had no problems with my surgery.  I have now got lots of confidence.  Also I would like to say how professional ‘Beauty Gurus’ are who have helped in the lead up to my surgery.  Many thanks to all the team”


Procedure / Treatment: Revision rhinoplasty

Surgeon: Mr Vijh

“Mr Vijh is simply amazing.  I can’t tell you how happy he has made me since correcting all the bad rhinoplasty procedures I’d had done previously.  He is a very very talented and clever man who has incredible knowledge.  He listened carefully to what I’d asked him to do and was very honest with his answers and he made the whole process a breeze.  I only wish I had known about Mr Vijh a few years ago as I would definitely have chosen him over my previous surgeon who had not listened to what I’d asked for.  I love Mr Vijh for what he has done and feel more confident now and I would 100% recommend him to anyone wishing to have cosmetic surgery.  I was, and any future patients will be, in the safest of hands. Mr Vijh is simply the nicest man I’ve ever met.”


Procedure / Treatment: Face and neck lift with fat transfer

Surgeon: Vik Vijh

“The biggest impact has been psychological.  I used to feel ashamed when I met people that I hadn’t seen for some time because of my aged face.  Now I feel full of self-confidence and much more cheerful”.


Procedure / Treatment: Abdominoplasty with liposuction

Surgeon: Vik Vijh

“The tummy tuck procedure I had done in August has completely changed my life.  After living in control wear every single day including the summer months for about 6-7 years, I now have the confidence to wear clothes I used to dream about.  My tummy tuck and lipo has changed the shape of my body and changed the way I feel inside.  Mr Vijh is an amazing surgeon.  I felt comfortable and at ease with him from the word go and knew I was in safe hands.  The results from the incision are extremely impressive – I know the scars will eventually fade to nothing – they are very smooth and just blend in.  Everything ran really smoothly.  I would definitely use Mr Vijh again for further procedures.


Procedure / Treatment: Rhinophyma surgery

Surgeon: Vik Vijh

“For many years I have lived with a nose that made me feel so self-conscious, and the topic of conversation would always be about the size of my nose, but now it is amazing to be free of that worry.  I was at the Hereford Hospital seeing a consultant about some skin cancer when I happened to mention was there anything I could have done about the Rosacea, which was altering the size of my nose, and not for the better.  Mr Vijh came into the conversation and was highly recommended, so I got in contact for an appointment. Not knowing what to expect on our meeting, but was pleasantly surprised that he conducted the meeting with such ease and comfort and communicated on the same lines that was understanding to me.  A date was fixed for the operation. On my arrival date for the operation the professionalism shown by the staff of the Nuffield, nurses and theatre staff was outstanding.  The professionalism of Mr Vijh cannot be explained in words,  I felt absolutely safe in his hands. He talked me through the operation prior and he also visited me after the procedure to confirm all went very well.  I must also say that the aftercare was phenomenal. The result is subtle and my nose now fits my face perfectly.  I am absolutely over the moon with the results.” Kind regards to you Mr Vijh

Yvonne T

Procedure / Treatment: Breast reconstruction

Surgeon: Mr.Vik Vijh

I can’t explain the feeling of delight as I sat by the swimming pool today, wearing a normal, off-the peg swimming costume, looking down at my cleavage; those around me unaware, that for the last 15 years I have been completely flat chested on my right side. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32 and despite enduring 2 years of treatment, my best option was to have a mastectomy. So grateful to have survived and with a four-year-old daughter to think about, reconstruction was the last thing on my mind. However, approaching the age of 50 and after so many years of using a prosthesis I decided now was the right time for me to really move on and go down the reconstruction root.  It was an extremely sad day when I was diagnosed with cancer many moons ago but equally a fantastic day when I was told that Mr Vik Vijh would be my surgeon. I was very apprehensive about the whole process until my first consultation with Mr Vijh. I never felt rushed at any point and he took the time to explain all my options; describing exactly what each procedure entailed, even showing me pictures and drawing diagrams.  2 years on and I am awaiting my third and final operation, which will complete my whole procedure. I don’t think Mr Vijh will ever really know how grateful I am and the difference it has made to my life. His expertise, his consideration and down to earth manner are second to none and my only regret is leaving it so long. Sincerest gratitude Yvonne Ticehurst


Procedure / Treatment: Rhinoplasty surgery

Surgeon: Mr Vik Vijh

I have been extremely fortunate in meeting Mr Vijh of the Beauty Gurus. For over 14 years I had felt desperately unhappy about a rhinoplasty procedure which had been performed at another clinic. Mr Vijh was extremely sensitive about my situation and took the time to explain what needed to be done in order to reconstruct my nose. On the day of the surgery, Mr Vijh again spent time with me discussing the procedure, and put me completely at ease. He was always honest about what he felt could be realistically achieved, however Mr Vijh is clearly a perfectionist!  The result of my nasal reconstruction has been life changing, and has far exceeded my expectations! My confidence and happiness has soared, and I intend to return to the Beauty Gurus in the near future. I can’t wait!

Mandy L


Surgeon: Mr Vik Vijh

“I had decided upon this course of action (to have a tummy-tuck and liposuction) following weight loss of 4 stones some 5 years previously. I felt that I had been ‘carrying around’ this legacy of my former-self and could do very little to rid myself of the remaining skin – I desperately wanted to be ‘normal’. I even felt my old shape was more normal than the one that I currently had and was extremely self-conscious. I swim half-a-mile most days and found the experience of changing with the other ladies was becoming more and more embarrassing. The whole experience was very professional, simple and surprisingly painless. I can honestly say I did not have any real pain following the operation. Certainly there was some discomfort and tenderness and the removal of the drainage tubes was not very pleasant – but that only lasted a few moments. Now, some 5 months later, I am still amazed at my own reflection – I always knew there was a ‘normal’ shape under there somewhere! My scar is a thin red line and doesn’t even warrant a second glance. Mr Vijh’s skill at carrying out this procedure to such a high standard has finished what I started almost six years ago and I have discovered the freedom of not feeling ashamed or embarrassed about my own body and for that – I cannot thank you enough.”

Gemma D

Procedure / Treatment: RHINOPLASTY

Surgeon: Mr Vik Vijh

“For years I had lived with a nose that made me feel self-conscious and it is now amazing to be free of that worry. Mr Vijh was the utmost professional and I felt absolutely safe in his hands. The result is subtle and my nose now fits my face perfectly. I am absolutely over the moon with the results.”

Jacqueline P

Procedure / Treatment: BREAST RECONSTRUCTION

Surgeon: Mr Vik Vijh

“I am so pleased with the results of my breast reconstruction. It has allowed me to put my breast cancer to the back of my mind as I am not reminded of it every day when I look down at my body. I feel whole and back to normal again. I wasn’t really sure whether I needed to go as far as nipple reconstruction – was I just being vain? But I am so glad that I did! It just finishes the whole procedure off and I am so happy and grateful to Mr Vijh.”

Laura C


Surgeon: Mr Darren Lewis

“I had my removal of PIP implants and replacement by Mr Darren Lewis this month. After hearing about the PIP scandal in the news I was very worried and anxious and immediately contacted my original clinic who I found to be unhelpful and very unsympathetic. So I made the decision to go elsewhere and found Mr Darren Lewis of The Beauty Guru’s on a support forum. I am so glad I did. The results look amazing, even my partner who thought my PIPs looked fake and horrid now loves my new boobs, thinks they look very natural and feel fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering surgery to use Mr Lewis!”

Sarah H


Surgeon: Mr Vik Vijh

“I booked a consultation with Mr Vik Vijh at The Beauty Guru’s as I was concerned about my PIP implants that I had had for about 10 years as (what felt to me as almost overnight) my right breast doubled in size, became heavy and uncomfortable but more than that, distressing. Mr Vijh saw me within a few days of me contacting The Beauty Guru’s and was very thorough in discussing my medical history and also with my examination. He explained the PIP situation and told me not worry as he could correct my problems. We discussed all of my options and I decided on explantation and replacement. Mr Vijh has done an excellent job of replacing my implants AND correcting the asymmetry that was present. His care and reassurance were second to none. My post-operative recovery has been amazing. I have minimal discomfort and bruising, and the scars are hidden better than they were before! If I or a friend need further surgery or advice I would not hesitate to contact Mr Vijh and his team at The Beauty Guru’s, who have always been there to support me.”

Lisa K


Surgeon: Mr Vik Vijh

“Having found out that I had PIP implants I decided to get them removed and replaced as soon as possible. I knew that this was not going to be as straight forward as my initial procedure had been so I did a lot of research into where best I should get this done. I visited a number of companies/consultants and they all seemed to be OK but I wanted more than OK! Then I contacted The Beauty Guru’s. As soon as I spoke to the team at The Beauty Guru’s I felt comfortable. They were interested in helping me – not just doing a sales pitch! I had my consultation with Mr Vik Vijh – he was lovely, took ages talking to me and explained everything very clearly. It was very obvious to me that he knows his stuff. When the big day came, I was so scared I nearly ran away. I thought I was going to faint or have a heart attack but Vik and the medical team were brilliant and told me everything was going to be fine to leave it to them – so I did… next thing I was awake, a bit sore but feeling good and very relieved to have new safe implants. I came home the following day expecting to be in a lot of pain but I only took two paracetamol on the first day then stopped all pain relief as I was fine. I am now 9 days post-op and am delighted with my results. The whole Beauty Guru’s team made me feel safe from start-to-end and I am so grateful for their support and skills. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

Laura T


Surgeon: Mr Darren Lewis

“I contacted The Beauty Guru’s after finding out I had PIP implants and was concerned about the negative press. I saw Mr Darren Lewis and from the beginning he was professional, very understanding and very knowledgeable of the whole PIP scandal. From the beginning, I knew he was the right surgeon for me. What a fantastic job he has done – my breasts look really natural & have healed extremely well. I’m one very happy lady ”

Julie W

Procedure / Treatment: -

Surgeon: Mr Darren Lewis

“When I first met Mr Lewis at The Beauty Guru’s he told me what results to expect – which was exactly the result that I got! He was very approachable and put me at ease and I would not hesitate to have surgery with him again as I trust him fully!”






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ALCL and Breast Implants

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PIP Implant Replacement Advice from The Beauty Gurus
PIP Implant Replacement Advice from The Beauty Gurus

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