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PIP Implant Replacement Advice from The Beauty Gurus

PIP Implant Replacement Advice from The Beauty Gurus

Published by admin, on 8th August 2012

Please note: The Beauty Gurus have NEVER used PIP Implants, but we are experts at treating the problems they create.

The PIP Implant Issue

Implants made by French company Poly Implant Prothese or PIP have been shown to have a rupture rate of approximately 10% in the first year. This can only be attributed to a very poor shell quality. It has since transpired that the company did not use the same grade of silicone in their implants as was described in the designs, which they submitted to French authorities. The grade of silicone used is thought to have been designed for mattresses and as a result of this we have a situation where the shells are rupturing and low quality silicone is oozing into the surrounding tissues.

Are There Concerns Regarding PIP Implants?

The first thought is that there may be a link between the PIP silicone and breast cancer. The response to this is: ‘there is no statistically significant evidence to suggest that there is any link between this implant and breast cancer’. Anecdotal cases have been highlighted, however in any large group of women (in the case of France it is believed to be in the region of 30,000 women who have had PIP implants) you will get women who develop breast cancer. Therefore, the presence of the implant is almost certainly irrelevant, unless we find that there is a much larger number of women in this group with breast cancer than in a similar group without implants. So far there is no evidence to suggest this.

The second concern is that this rupture may cause local problems such as the breast swelling or deflating, the breast becoming painful or tender, or even developing painful lumps in the armpit or the side of the breast. These issues do exist and are related to the local reaction to the leaked silicone in the breast tissue and the movement of silicone along the lymph channels (the drainage system in body tissues) to the lymph nodes in the armpit (lymph nodes act a bit like a sewage station in the body and clear dead cells, bacteria and in this case silicone).

Patient Experiences with PIP Implants

This patient suffered with pain and swelling of her right breast for 6 weeks.

At surgery her right breast PIP Implant was found to be ruptured and leaking silicone.

What should patients with breast augmentation do?

  1. If you do not have PIP implants in place you do not have to worry and need take no further action with regard to this issue.
  2. If you are not sure what implants you have you should contact your surgeon, clinic or hospital to find out. All hospitals must keep a record of your implants in their “theatre book”.
  3. If you do have PIP implants, you need to check if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. If you do then you should visit your doctor.
  4. If you have difficulty contacting them you can contact The Beauty Gurus through our website at for free advice. The Beauty Gurus have NEVER used PIP implants on any patients and we only ever use the best quality products and techniques. We will offer free consultations at our offices from London, to the West Midlands to Manchester. If you have a problem with your implants we will offer free implants to help. If you have no symptoms you must consider whether you wish to keep your implants or have them replaced before a possible problem arises.
  5. It is essential that any reparative surgery is done by properly qualified surgeons in proper hospitals and replaced with high quality implants. The scarring and capsules should be removed along with the implant where appropriate.

PIP Implant Replacement by The Beauty Gurus

The first point of contact regarding your PIP implants should be your original surgeon or implanting clinic. We believe, as does the UK government, that they have an ethical and moral obligation to deal with your PIP implants. If your original surgeon or clinic cannot, or will not, help then please call The Beauty Gurus on 0800 612 5919 or drop us an email.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation with one of our UK-trained BAPRAS/BAAPS member NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeons.

We have recently been informed that several clinics are offering day-case PIP implant replacement surgery under local anaesthetic! Your original surgery was not performed under local anaesthetic and we firmly believe that it is not possible to adequately assess and if necessary remove the scar capsule around your implants under local anaesthetic.

PIP implant removal and replacement surgery requires general anaesthetic (with you comfortably asleep) in order to do the surgery properly and safely. The Beauty Gurus only perform PIP implant removal and replacement surgery with you fully asleep under general anaesthetic (administered by on of our fully trained NHS Consultant Anaesthetists).

Patient S Experience at The Beauty Gurus

I had PIP Implants fitted about 10 years ago. Almost overnight my right breast doubled in size, it became heavy, uncomfortable, but more than that distressing. I booked a consultation with Mr Vik Vijh at The Beauty Gurus, who saw me within a few days. He was very thorough in taking my medical history and also with my examination. He explained that PIP ruptures were common, and that is what I appeared to have. He told me not worry and that he could correct the problems for me. We discussed all of my options and I was totally reassured. On his recommendation I decided on ex-plantation of the PIP implants and re-implantation of Nagor Implants. These came with a lifetime warranty and Mr Vijh has been using them for almost 20 years. This gave me huge confidence in the product and also his surgical record.

Mr Vik Vijh has done an excellent job of replacing my implants, and correcting the asymmetry that was present. His care and reassurance were second to none. He came and saw me twice after my surgery to go over details as to how it had gone and again he reassured me that I was going to be fine. My post operative recovery has been amazing. I have minimal discomfort and bruising, the scars are hidden better than they were before.

If I or a friend needed further surgery or advice I would not hesitate to contact Mr Vik Vijh and his team, who have always been there to support me.







ALCL and Breast Implants
ALCL and Breast Implants

There is a lot of discussion, gossip and genuine concern about ALCL right now.



PIP Implant Replacement Advice from The Beauty Gurus
PIP Implant Replacement Advice from The Beauty Gurus

Please note: The Beauty Gurus have NEVER used PIP Implants, but we are experts at treating the problems they create.

The PIP Implant Issue ...



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