An article published by CBS News, tells us of the latest innovation in plastic surgery – 3D printers.

We are witnessing the continual advancement of 3D technologies in the medical world. From prosthetics to pre-surgical models for the rehearsal of complex procedures, the progress of 3D printing and related technologies is having tremendous implications to medicine.


It is my understanding that this advancement is aimed at the patient rather than the surgeon. The patient first uploads a number of 2D photos that get transformed into a hologram which then makes a 3D model that the patient can modify in order to simulate the look they’d wish to achieve. The patient can then order a 3D print of their ideal look which will then be sent to them. If the patient is happy, they can discuss the model in more detail with their surgeon.

I attend many congress meetings and lectures within the plastics industry, and its’ at these events that we hear of new ideas and concepts being launched.3D printed busts can give a patient who has been disfigured by illness or trauma a real vision of how surgery can help reconstruct their affected area, something they would probably never imagine possible so I believe this to be a great tool in this instance.

However, we have to remember when carrying out surgery for aesthetic purposes to remain realistic with the look the patient is trying to achieve. I will occasionally see a patient who would like to recreate a celebrity look for example and will always advise my patients to use these as an indication and to remember that the structure of each and every individual varies and may not always be achievable for everyone. My advice would be to use this kind of tool with caution, maintain a realistic approach and be prepared to understand that a surgeon will only carry out surgery where they feel they can achieve a result within the patients expectation.

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