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Breast enlargement (augmentation/ also known as Boob Job) surgery involves inserting a breast implant, usually soft silicone or saline in a silicone bag, either in front of, or behind, the pectoralis muscle. In order to insert the prosthesis, a two-inch incision is made in one of three places: in the armpit where it can be easily concealed, in the crease under the breast, or through an incision around the nipple. There are different types of prostheses and various forms of breast augmentation surgery. Most commonly, Mr. Vijh uses the “made to measure” technique for breast augmentation. This involves measuring the dimensions of your chest and ordering an implant that fits it exactly. This ensures you always get as close as possible to a natural looking breast that does not look like it has been operated upon.

Risks and Recovery

Following breast enlargement (augmentation) surgery there will be some soreness, especially when moving your arms. While this will improve within the first week, you should plan on waiting six weeks before resuming any type of strenuous activity. The risks involved in breast augmentation are rare, but include haematoma, infection, scarring, shifting of the implant, unevenness between the two breasts, or an increase or decrease of feeling in the nipple or breast which may affect sexual response or the ability to nurse a baby.

During your breast enlargement (augmentation) consultation at our Birmingham, Hereford or Nottingham office, our Beauty Gurus surgeon will discuss possible risks of surgery. Answers to some of your cosmetic surgery questions can be found below.

What is implant breast enlargement / augmentation?

Implant breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size and/or improve the shape of the breasts. It can also balance any differences in size between the breasts.

What does the surgery involve?

Surgical placement of breast implants includes a number of incision options.

The breast implants can be inserted through an incision made in the crease underneath the breast (most common), around the lower edge of the nipple or in the armpit. The implants are placed in front of, or behind the chest muscles, or a combination of the two.

Breast implants alone cannot lift low or significantly sagging breasts, which can occur after weight loss or pregnancy. If there is too much sag (ptosis), a mastopexy may be needed.

Breast implants are available in a variety of types, with different shapes and sizes. Some are round and some are more of a teardrop shape. All implants are made of an outer casing of silicone or polyurethane and filled with a silicone gel. Selection of the correct size and shape of implant will be done with you at your appointment.

What are the risks and side effects of surgery?

Having cosmetic surgery can be a very positive experience. Complications are infrequent and usually minor. However, no surgery is without risk and it is important that you are given a clear picture as everyone varies in the risks they are willing to take. These possible problems will be fully discussed at your consultation.

What is the estimated time for recovery, absence from work and return to usual activities?

You are likely to stay in hospital for one night. Recovery times vary from one person to another. When you get home, you should take things easy for the first week or so. Most people return to work within 1 to 2 weeks. Scars will soften and fade by about 6 to 12 months, when the final result will be apparent.

Breast augmentation post surgery timeline

Days 1 to 4

Sleep upright in bed supported by pillows to help reduce swelling.

Take things easy when you get home.

5 – 14 days

Gradually increase your activity but nothing too strenuous.

Driving may be commenced only when comfortable.

2 weeks

Bruising and swelling continue to go down.

Can return to work a week or two after surgery.

4 weeks

Gentle exercise can start after four weeks but avoid strenuous exercise for a further two weeks.

Appearance of breasts continues to improve.

6 – 9 months

Scars will begin to soften and fade.

Can start to judge the result.

Breast Augmentation Using Fat Grafting

Breast Augmentation Using Implants

Before and After

Fee Range

Breast Augmentation (boob job)

starting from £6495

Bilateral Breast Augmentation using fat graft only

starting from £6999

Bilateral Removal and Replacement of Breast implants

starting from £8495

PIP Breast implant removal / and redo breast augmentation

starting from £8495

Gynaecomastia (man boobs)

starting from £7395

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