Ear surgery takes about an hour per ear, depending on how much correction needs to be made. Most patients can return home the same day as surgery. Otoplasty can be performed under local or general anaesthetic.

A bandage will be applied over the site of the incision and will be removed from the ear, along with any sutures, about seven to ten days after ear surgery. You should be able to return to your normal activities within a week, but you must continue to keep your ears clean and protected for at least six weeks.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to move the ears into a more natural looking position closer to the head.

Risks and Recovery

As with any surgery, there are risks involved, though they are rare. Risks include a negative reaction to the anaesthesia, bleeding, infection, and scarring. If an infection occurs, it can deform the ear cartilage. It is also possible for one of the non-dissolving sutures to become loose and work its way to the surface. If this happens following ear surgery, you must return to our office where a local anaesthetic will be used while your Beauty Gurus surgeon removes the suture. Please see our cosmetic surgery FAQ about otoplasty below …

What does the surgery involve?

During the operation, the surgeon will adjust the shape of the ear cartilage to allow it to fold back into a more usual position. Surgery is carried out through an incision hidden in the fold on the back of the ear. Once the operation is completed, this incision is stitched together and a bulky bandage is put around your head.

The procedure takes about an hour to perform.

Ear surgery can be performed under a general anaesthetic (you are fully asleep) or local anaesthetic with or without sedative drugs (you are awake).

What are the risks and side effects of surgery?

Having cosmetic surgery can be a very positive experience. Complications are infrequent and usually minor. However, no surgery is without risk and it is important that you are given a clear picture as everyone varies in the risks they are willing to take. These possible problems will be fully discussed at your consultation.

What is the estimated recovery time, absence from work and return to usual activities?

Providing all is well, you can expect to go home the same day as your operation. Only occasionally is an overnight stay recommended.

Recovery times vary from one person to another. The bandages are removed around one week when any non-dissolvable stitches are removed. After this time, you will be advised to wear a headband when you sleep (just like a tennis sweatband) for about a month after surgery. This is to prevent your ears being bent forwards against the pillow.

Most people return to work after 1 week, when the bandages are removed.

The final shape should be apparent from 3 to 6 months.

Otoplasty timeline

1 to 3 days

May have a dull ache but the operation should not be painful.

If pain is not controlled by simple pain killers, please contact the hospital.

3 to 7 days

Bandages removed on approximately day 7. Wear a headband at night for comfort (it looks like a tennis sweatband).

Any non dissolvable stitches will be removed.

Hair can be washed once the dressings are removed.

May feel able to return to school / work after 7 days.

7 to 14 days

Can restart any sporting activities including swimming but avoid contact sports for a little longer.

6 months

After 4 weeks, you can sleep without your headband.

Can restart any contact sports after 6 weeks.

Before and After

Fee Range

Pinnaplasty / bilateral ear correction   

starting from £4450

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