What a terrible experience for this lady in this article.. I think many of us have seen her on adverts for The Hospital Group. We would like to say that at The Beauty Gurus, we have NEVER had such an occurrence since the company was formed.
Complications can happen but the mark of a good surgeon is one with a very low complication rate. This can also apply to the hospital too. We only operate in locations with the highest standards possible.

We do say this frequently but don’t fall for glossy adverts. The cost of a breast augmentation is no dearer with us than it is at a clinic such as the Hospital Group. However, think about this. We do not spend a fortune on advertising. We do not use implants that do not have an extensive history in the market.we do not use surgeons paid less as they fly in from abroad for lower fees or who are not trained to FRCS (plast) standard. We do use the market leading implant brand, we do use UK trained and qualified surgeons and we do offer fantastic medical facilities for your procedure. Why look elsewhere?

Come and talk to us. We have clinics in London, hereford , Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. Call us on 0800 612 5919 or see us at Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham – Vik Vijh & The Beauty Gurus

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Paul Levick Retires

Paul Levick Retires

Mr Paul Levick is retiring from surgery at the end of October and wishes to announce that he would like Mr Vikram Vijh to take care of his patients in the future.

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