As always, some elements of the facts are sensationalised, as is often the case in such scenarios. What we must stress is that the risk associated with this form of cancer is VERY low. Presently the view is that it is related to a low grade infection that occurs around an implant ie not the implant itself, but this is yet to be proven. Much more work needs to be done before any solid conclusions can be derived.

However, to minimise the risk to patients, we have chosen an implant manufacturer and type that has NOT had a warning from the FDA and has NEVER to their knowledge had a single case of ALCL reported. We do not know if this zero number will last forever, but it is certainly a way of minimising ANY risk to our patients.

As responsible surgeons, our job is to continually try to reduce risk to our patients, whatever that risk might be. We constantly re-educate ourselves with new techniques, equipment and products. Very often Mr Vijh is asked to help train junior surgeons, such is his standing in the plastic surgery community.

What we do feel is important, is that patients are made aware of the risks. Another recent article in the Daily Mail showed that not everyone is clearly explaining the risks to patients. There is no excuse for this, other than possibly to encourage patients to book, rather than potentially put them off by fully informing them. We can only speculate.

We are very clear with our patients. If they do not wish to proceed for whatever reason, there is no pressure on them to do so. There is a two week cool off period (another element often ignored by others) and we offer a second and sometimes third consultation. It is this dedication to his patients that is behind Mr Vijh’s exemplary reviews on Doctify. These are independently controlled reviews that reflect our patients’ thoughts on the service, surgery and aftercare they have received.

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