Celebrities who have had Cosmetic Surgery such as weight loss
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At The Beauty Gurus, we see many post weight loss patients at our cosmetic surgery practice in the West Midlands. Consultant plastic surgeon, Darren Lewis, specialises in cosmetic procedures which often ‘finish the journey’ of the weight loss patient. This could be removal of excess skin under the arms, legs or abdomen.

It is of course, an absolute necessity that all patients in this situation are properly counselled, consented and assessed physically before surgery. Patients often talk about this type of surgery as being the last hurdle in a long journey to lose weight and achieve a body they are comfortable with. It is certainly true that there is very little a patient can do themselves about excess skin following weight loss. In some cases the weight loss is very dramatic and thus the skin needing removal reflects that too.

Our aim at The Beauty Gurus is to put you in touch with the right expert for the right procedure. Mr Lewis commented, “Weight loss and post weight loss surgery is very specialised. I aim to give the patient a realistic expectation of the outcome with the full knowledge of what can be achieved and of course a clear picture of the scarring they will get.”

As doctors, The Beauty Gurus do not employ salespeople to push you into a procedure. We talk and we listen. Then we recommend. It may well be we recommend that you do nothing; this is often the case. But in all cases, we will recommend what we feel is best for YOU.

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