Breast Augmentation commonly known as Breast Enlargement has long been the number one most popular Cosmetic Procedure sought in the UK and Europe.

Breast Augmentation – All you need to know!

Patients who choose Breast Augmentation do so for a whole host of reasons including:  

• To enhance naturally small breasts
• To correct a malformity or a congential defect such as tuberous breasts
• To add volume or shape to the breasts following weight loss, childbirth or breast feeding

Women suffering from these concerns can often be affected by body image or confidence issues, surgery aims to restore the breast to a more natural and voluminous shape and to heighten self esteem.

The Procedure

Surgery usually takes around 1-1.5hrs and is carried out under General Anaesthetic often patients are able to return home the same day. The implants manufactured today with the technology available means that risks associated with Breast Augmentation surgery are at an all time low. We provide the highest quality implants in a range of shapes and sizes which can be placed either on top of the muscle or behind depending on the result the patient wishes to achieve.

Our Surgeon

Our lead surgeon and Practice Owner, Mr Vik Vijh is known as Plastic Surgeon to the stars, he specialises in and performs cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Mr Vijh is Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Clinical Lead at the NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Birmingham covering the City of Birmingham and the West Midlands region including Herefordshire.  Vik Vijh is often considered as one of the best plastic surgeons in the World and can often be seen offering his expert advise on TV programmes such as 10 Years Younger”; “Extreme Makeover”; “You Are What You Eat”; “How Long Have You Got”; “Pineapple Studios” and “Extreme Male Beauty”. 

To make an appointment

We carry put consultations at our clinics in Birmingham and The Midlands and have a range or payment plans on offer.

For more information visit our website or to make an appointment for a non obligation confidential consultation please call 0800 612 5919. 

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