In the first episode of Extreme Beauty Disasters, shown last  Thursday evening at 8pm on TLC, satellite channel number 125, our resident lead surgeon, Mr Vik Vijh faced a variety of problems…from a botched penis enhancement to a mysterious bulge in a patients lip. After extensive rework, Vik managed to get the patients completely turned around, from desperate to delighted.

The key message that we always stress is – choose a good surgeon! As much as surgery can make you happy, confident and change your life for the better, it can also ruin it. The difference could simply be a bit of research. Let us help you … at The Beauty Gurus, we have one of the best surgeons in the industry. Mr Vijh has been fixing other people’s mistakes for many years. To do this takes extraordinary skill. Of course, we would rather see patients that are considering surgery for the first time. The burden, both financially and emotionally, on patients with severe complications, is immense.

So, if you are considering any form of cosmetic surgery, come and chat to us. We have cosmetic surgery clinics in Birmingham, London, Hereford and throughout the West Midlands. Contact us at The Beauty Gurus.

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The Importance Of A Good Surgeon

The Importance Of A Good Surgeon

Once again, Mr Vijh sees, consults and treats a problem caused by poor surgery as in this article. The worry for us is there is a growing number of cases through our doors that follow this pattern. We are proud of the abilities of our lead surgeon, Mr Vikram Vijh.

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