Unfortunately as we age, our eyes start to look tired even when we are not. At The Beauty Gurus we see many patients in our clinincs throughout the West Midlands frustrated at being constantly accused of tiredness when they are not.

So what happens to our eyes as we age? Our eyebrows drop, making the upper lids look heavy, upper eyelid skin shows as loose folds which hang down, often resting on our eyelashes. This resting on the eyelashes leads us to keep raising our eyebrows, which in turn causes wrinkling on the forehead and tiredness of the eyes by the end of the day.

The lower lids develop a groove (and a shadow) between nose and lid called the naso-jugal groove, caused by descent of the cheek. Occasionally it will look like fat is bulging forward on the lower lid (though we have to remember that we lose fat volume as we age).  The skin can become loose and wrinkle. We can develop crows feet wrinkles around the eyes which are accentuated with smiling.

So what can we do? First and foremost a healthy lifestyle will delay the progression to this point.  That means a good diet, no smoking and using sun block.
Once you have developed the signs of aging, you can first try Botox around the eyes to settle the crows feet.

With the upper lids you need a plastic surgeon to tell you if the main problem is one of a dropped eyebrow which will need a brow lift, or whether it is excess upper eyelid skin which will need an upper lid blepharoplasty to take away the excess skin. If the lower lids are bad they will usually need a lower lid blepharoplasty. This will remove excess skin and re-distribute the fat on the lower lid bag so that it looks smooth and bag free.

Beware, as always I recommend that you check your surgeon is a fully qualified plastic surgeon has passed the UK FRCS (Plast) and is on the UK Plastic surgery specialist register.  Make sure they have done a cosmetic surgery fellowship and have done lots of these procedures before, as it is an operation that is easy to do badly.
Check with your surgeon to ensure they are going to do a fat drape procedure.

For these and a full range of procedures, visit us at The Beauty Gurus or call us for a consultation on 0800 612 5919.

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