A recent study revealed that only 6% of tweets using the #plasticsurgery hashtag (#) are delivered by qualified Surgeons, the other 94% relate to celebrities and endorsements and are usually linked to the ‘gossip columns’, comments made by the public or aesthetic products.

The data which was collected and analysed using a total of 2,900 tweets was recently published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with the researchers suggesting that Plastic Surgeons reclaim the hashtag from the tabloid press and gossip columns.

The most interesting point was that of the qualified surgeons analysed who could or should be using #plasticsurgery to deliver relevant information, safety advice and discussion topics only 6% were electing to do so.

Social Media is a valuable tool for networking with peers, keeping upto date on industry news and also sharing relevant information with the public. After reading the outcome of this research I will certainly be ensuring that I continue using the hashtag on all my future posts #plasticsurgery. 

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