This article reflects what we have seen last year at The Beauty Gurus. In particular, facial procedures are definitely on the increase in our practice. The interesting thing we also see is that patients are finally becoming more aware of the risks and the need for a specialist surgeon for the procedure they seek. Mr Vijh has been an expert in facial surgery for many years. He carries out all types of surgery but facial surgery is widely accepted to be particularly difficult.  Many surgeons either do not, or possibly should not carry it out due to their lack of experience.

We see many patients in clinics in the West Midlands and London that want revisions on previous surgery that has not gone exactly as they had wished. Almost all say they did not really check into the credentials of their surgeon prior to going ahead with their surgery. This is critical. If a surgeon has nothing to hide, he or she will welcome as many questions as you wish to ask. We certainly believe in a thorough consultation process at The Beauty Gurus. Come and ask us what we can do for you The Beauty  Gurus or call us on 0800 612 5919

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