We have writtten a blog on this topic more than any other. This in itself tells its own story. In our clinics we are regularly seeing patients that have fallen foul of poor treatment standards. It saddens us, it frustrates us and it angers us. The main reason people go to unqualified people and poorly qualified surgeons or doctors is the perceived price. Lets be very clear on this subject. The financial cost of any remedial treatment will far outweigh the initial cost difference. The psychological cost is incalculable as this poor lady would agree. Please, for ANY treatment go to a appropriately qualified doctor or surgeon.

The face is a very, very complex area of the human body. Facial surgery is only performed by the very top plastic surgeons in the country because of this. Our lead surgeon Mr Vijh is one of them. Many other surgeons choose not to do facial work due to the complexity. To allow beauticians with no medical qualifications at all to legally inject substances into the face we find barely believeable. Our system is wrong. It needs to protect patients from the pressure they feel to go to such places because they are cheaper.

The Beauty Gurus calls once more for tougher regulation in this area. We believe AS A MINIMUM – ONLY people qualified to at least a nurse level that have done an injectors course and a prescribers course should be allowed to perform these procedures. This would be a step in the right direction, but we also believe other areas should be tightened up – such as locations where these treatments can be perfomed; the regulation of the toxins used and the advertising associated with these treatments.

Only once we regulate this industry further will the flow of terrible stories like this one stop.

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