See Mr Vijh on the documentary “‘Jodie Marsh On Plastic Surgery’” to be shown on TLC at 10pm on Tuesday 14th October. In the programme Jodie meets Mr Vijh to discuss a review of her breast implants.  More and more , Mr Vijh sees patients with problems from previous surgery. Mr Vijh’s skills mean that many surgeons even refer their patients to him. He is becoming the Mr Fixit of the cosmetic world. There is , of course, a very sensible option – have your initial surgery done with Mr Vijh!

Come and see him at clinics around the UK including London, Birmingham, Hereford by contacting The Beauty Gurus.

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The Problems With Going Abroad For Surgery

The Problems With Going Abroad For Surgery

We see far too many reports like this from around the world. Medical tourism is booming and unfortunately many patients suffer as a result. Many countries simply do not have the regulation, training or facilities that we have in the UK.

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