The Beauty Gurus is delighted to welcome Annette Monaghan to our expending patient support team. Annette has had surgical procedures with Vik and has been involved in the cosmetic surgery industry for many years. ” I have known Mr Vijh personally for many year so when he asked me to help with the huge number of patients who are coming to The Beauty Gurus, I was delighted to help. I had a tummy tuck with Mr Vijh a few years ago. The result was superb and my whole experience with The Beauty Gurus was fantastic from start to finish. I have been recommending The Beauty Gurus long before I was asked to work for them too!” .

Mr Vijh added, “Annette has a wonderful manner with patients which is so important to ensure their pathway with us is as comfortable as possible. She really takes time to speak to, understand, advise and inform our patients.”

Consulting from Hereford, Birmingham and Harley Street, The Beauty Gurus is now experiencing unprecedented demand for the services we provide. We are proud to be seen at the forefront of legitimate and quality cosmetic surgery in the UK.

For a consultation with us or for advice call us on 0800 612 5919 or visit our website at The Beauty Gurus.

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