They call themselves dolls. These are cosmetic surgery patients who document their desires and results on Instagram, but only, most say, for other patients or prospective clients. They use names and hashtags that connect the work to their provider. So, for example, KathySmithDoll would be a woman who underwent surgery with a Dr. Kathy Smith.

This post is interesting for a variety of reasons. To date, we are not aware of a VikVijh doll, although we would not rule it out!

Our patients feedback and satisfaction is massively important to us, so we always give our patients the chance to give us feedback, either privately if they so wish or on a public forum which we do not vet.

You will find us on Doctify which allows access for patients to post independent reviews about the treatments they receive. We cannot vet them unless they are categorically untrue, nor can we influence them. Many of our patients come to us by word of mouth, which is extremely gratifying.

It is very impoprtant that patients have a mechanism by which they can see our work and get opinions from previous patients. It is sometimes difficult to get patient pictures on websites as patients quite understandably are reluctant to have their before shots in particular on public view, however anonymised they are.

However, we are able to show many images in the private environment that is a consultation room. We have many, many before and after shots for exactly this purpose. We are acutely aware that social media plays a huge part in today’s society but we would encourage prospective patients to use the resources we make available to them.

If you’re considering surgery and would like to speak with one of our expert surgeons, you can do so here.

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