At The Beauty Gurus, we are extremely concerned to hear the “success” stories from cosmetic surgery abroad, because we see the many failures. There are many reasons why we believe you should not even think about doing this. We feel compelled to explore them here and now before more women make a badly informed decision. ANY surgery has it’s risks.

What would happen if there was a complication with your surgery undertaken abroad? Who would correct it? Many people think the NHS would happily help out. This is partly correct as the NHS would never turn away an unwell patient. However, the NHS may well now CHARGE anyone presenting a complication from an elective procedure undertaken abroad. Any saving could disappear straight away and it could even cost you more than the price had you stayed at home for surgery!

Is your surgeon well qualified? The standards of surgery in the UK are second to none. It takes much longer to qualify as a fully accredited plastic surgeon in the UK than almost all European countries. There is a very high chance your surgeon is therefore nowhere near as qualified or experienced as any of our surgeons at The Beauty Gurus.

Aftercare is a huge part of any surgical journey. It is simply not practical to go back to many places. As a result avoidable complications often occur because the correct follow up has not been done.

Finally, the picture painted of a quick operation, then off to the beach simply isn’t true. Our advice post operatively is to rest and exercise caution to allow the body to heal properly and effectively. Not to rush to beach and act as though no procedure has taken place.

All in all, the additional risks FAR outweigh the only benefit, a POSSIBLE cost saving.

Surgery is a big step. Don’t take it lightly. Come and see the Beauty Gurus to discuss your options. Visit us at The Beauty Gurus or call us on 0800 612 5919

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