Scientists have identified the genes that dictate the shape of a humans nose. Research was carried out across nearly 6000 people with European Heritage, from mainly Native American and African descent, they underwent a 3D reconstruction of their face to gather the exact measurements of each of their features which when populated provided this exciting evidence.

Scientists Discover Genes Associated with Nose Shape

Their analysis found four genes that are associated with bone and cartilage growth and the development of the face. These genes are GLI3, DCHS2, PAX1 and RUNX2. PAX1 and GLI3 control and influence the breadth in nostrils, DCHS2 controls the “pointiness” of the nose while RUNX2 influences the growth of the nose bridge width.

In addition to the four aforementioned genes, researcher also discovered a gene called EDAR, which affects chin protrusion.

One of the points that was evidenced was ‘For example, people living in places with cold and dry climate tend to have a comparatively narrower nose to help regulate the temperature and humidity of the air being breadth’, which to me seems perfectly logical.

I would say nose shape is the most common concern for patients presenting in my clinic. Of course our genetic and ethnic make-up is largely responsible but a sporting injury or a nose break can also leave patients feeling conscious of a bump or less desired nose shape.

What can be done?

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is the cosmetic procedure carried out to correct and aesthetically enhance the nose proportionately

During the procedure the nasal skin and soft tissues are separated from the osseo-cartilaginous nasal framework, which are then corrected as required for form and function, the incisions are sutured and a pack or stent is applied to immobilise the nose and promote healing.

Surgery generally takes around 1.5hrs in theatre and an overnight stay is usually required. You will return around 5-7 days post operatively to visit the nurse who will check the incisions and check the wounds are healing, you may well require a second visit to remove the packs if this has not been done before. You will experience swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes so I would recommend a couple of weeks of rest before returning to work, depending on your job.

How do I make a consultation appointment?

If you are considering a Rhinoplasty procedure and would like a confidential no obligation consultation you can visit one of my clinics in Birmingham or The Midlands. For more information you can visit my website or to book an appointment please call 0800 612 5919.

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