Its such a shame that the child in this article, so young is mocked for his appearance. For anyone to suffer this way is terrible but for a child it must be even harder to deal with.  Surgery for children,certainly as young as this, has to be given careful consideration. However, the benefits can frequently out weigh the risks for in this case, what is a fairly straightforward procedure.

“I say it many times. All surgery is to be considered serious. However, it can have dramatic effects for the patient, not just on their appearance but on their psyche, inner confidence and outlook.”

We see many different types of people who want many different types of procedures. In our cosmetic surgery clinics in Birmingham, London, Hereford and throughout the West Midlands we always try to understand the reason for surgery. We have to satisfy ourselves that the patient is fit and healthy in both body and mind before we commence the process. Many are, some are not. It is our responsibility to find that out and advise the patient as best we can.

At this time of year, we see many patients wishing to have fillers and botox. Even these much simpler procedures need to be considered. That’s our job.

If you considering any type of surgery be it a breast augmentation (boob job), rhinoplasty (nose job), tummy tuck or a non surgical procedure such as botox or fillers, come and talk to us.

Contact us on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham – Vik Vijh & The Beauty Gurus 

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Charlotte Crosby MTV celebrity from Geordie Shore Confirms Nose Job

Charlotte Crosby MTV celebrity from Geordie Shore Confirms Nose Job

Charlotte Crosby MTV celebrity from Geordie Shore has confirmed that after speaking with several surgeons she will definitely be undergoing Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery. Charlotte says that she has disliked the bump in her nose for a long time, although if she had not been in the public eye it may not have bothered her so much.

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