Rogue beauticians are carrying out dangerous and illegal procedures which can leave women permanently disfigured.

The Effect Of Rogue Beauticians

This article saddens us as it is something we see time and time again, and nothing ever appears to change. As fully qualified plastic surgeons, our training has been undertaken over many, many years. Our understanding of the anatomy has been honed through years of intricate work in both the NHS and private sectors. NO form of cosmetic treatment should be taken lightly, whether it be fillers, skin treatments or full surgery.

We are calling for better regulation and stronger punishments for people who carry out these treatments and blatantly flout the rules that are there to protect us and, more importantly, our patients.

More and more we see in-clinic patients that have had treatments elsewhere that need corrective work done. This is very traumatic for them, not to mention the added expense of a corrective procedure.

Please, do your homework. Check the qualifications of your surgeon or practitioner:

  •     What are their qualifications?
  •     Are these suitable for your specific treatment?
  •     Are they a member of a national association?
  •     Do they have authentic reviews?
  •     Are they using good quality FDA approved injectables?

Ask as many questions as you can to establish the facts. It’s your body. Look after it.

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