We feel that the conclusion of the european health officials is interesting. It is not our place to dispute their findings purely from a toxicology perspective. However, there are other elements to this scandal.

First, it has been claimed by many commentators that the incidence of rupture in PIP implants is significantly higher than in other implants. A rupture can be a very difficult procedure to correct, not least as there may well be significant gel migration into the lymph nodes. Whilst we are not telling patients to routinely go for PIP removal, this element of a future problem cannot be ignored.

Secondly, it cannot be debated that the gel used in these implants was never made for implantation. On that basis alone, there must be cause for concern.

Thirdly, with other manufacturers being scrutinised in markets round the world, we feel as a practice that it is better to stick with implants proven over a long period of time. We only use Allergan implants. There are other manufacturers that have similar records of safety over a lengthy period but Mr Vijh’s choice is for a FSA approved implant which he has used hundreds of without concern.

The last element to comment on is the continued use of “cheaper” implants by the clinics. The implant , in our opinion, should never be chosen on price. Quality is paramount for a product likely to stay with a patient for many years. We have seen many, many PIP patients in The Beauty Gurus cosmetic surgery clinics in Hereford, Birmingham and London. All distressed, all appalled by a scandal never seen on such a scale in the UK cosmetic market. Be careful if you are considering cosmetic surgery. Chose a good, fully qualified surgeon. Chose one that has done hundreds of operations. Chose one that uses top quality products. It goes without saying that our surgeons fulfil these requirements comfortably. Be safe, be with The Beauty Gurus. Contact us now on 0800 612 5919.

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