We totally agree with our BAAPS colleagues in the linked article. The face is one of the most complex areas of the human body from a vascular perspective. As surgeons, we train for many many years so we know the face intimately and through rigorous training which involves dissection, hands-on invasive experience and many, many complex real world challenges through our day to day NHS work.

None of these areas will have been covered by the vast majority of people putting fillers into women and men these days. It worries us immensely that this area of our industry is pretty much unregulated. Fillers and botox can cause damage to the face – sometimes irreparable – if administered poorly and using substandard materials. This is not to frighten people as the risks when going to an experienced, qualified practitioner are very low.

We have led calls many times for more regulation, better information for the public and better training requirements in our industry. We repeat those calls today.

Our industry is growing. In any expanding industry, innevitably some companies enter the market seeking to make money quickly and without due regard for the standards. This is no different except our industry deals with the human body. As such, it should be treated with so much more care.

Do not take a chance based on price. The cost could ultimately be much more expensive.

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