Many women see their bodies change following childbirth. Even the fittest women cannot easily regain their figures post childbirth. Deflation of the breasts and loss of abdominal tone with loose and often unsightly skin can be devastating to these young mothers. They often hide from their partners and dress to hide their figures.

One such woman was Annette. After the birth of her second child, despite working hard at the gym as she had always done, there was no shifting a bit of excess skin at her tummy level. “I’ve been going the gym since my teenage years. This, however, was not something I could ever improve no matter how hard I worked out. It bothered me as clothes were not fitting properly and I felt generally uncomfortable in myself.”

Tummy Tuck Surgery After Child Birth

Annette opted for a common procedure chosen by mothers in similar circumstances…a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. “I chose Mr Vijh as he was a high profile surgeon with huge experience in plastic surgery and this procedure specifically. I’m glad I did as the result is fantastic. He even sewed my abdominal muscles together to give me a really flat stomach! I’m delighted”

Annette is another satisfied patient for The Beauty Gurus. However, many patients each year who do not chose a good surgeon fall foul of revisions, problems and great stress and even financial hardship. Chose a good surgeon. Choose The Beauty Gurus.

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