We are often asked for the best way to get to see Mr Vijh. We are aware if you google his name, Mr Vijh appears on several websites, such is the demand for his services.

The answer to this is simple.

Visit The Beauty Gurus. This is Mr Vijh’s official website and will lead you directly to his support team led by Jo who will help you with everything you need to know.

Not only is it the easiest way to find Mr Vijh, it is almost certainly the best way of booking a consultation as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it can often be the cheapest way for surgery with our surgeons.

Our enquiries come from all over the world and we regularly see patients flying in to see us. Please do not be put off if you live far away, we can certainly accommodate your needs fully. The surgeon who you chose for your surgery is the most important choice in the decision to have cosmetic surgery. It will without doubt influence the result you get.

So dont take a chance with your body. Come see us at The Beauty Gurus or call us on 0800 612 5919.

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