Woman Whose Nude Before-and-After Photos Were Shared Online Sues Plastic Surgeon

A Woman Is Suing Her Plastic Surgeon For Posting Her Nude Before-and-After Photos Online

The decision to undertake plastic surgery is a very personal and often very private one. Frequently we are asked to send documents to an alternate address other than a patient’s home address as they wish for their treatment to remain hidden. This is of course a wish we always respect.
We also use dedicated patient note systems that are on secure servers to ensure as far as we can that a breach of a patient’s confidentiality never happens. In this day of banks and other financial institutions being hacked, no-one can feel 100% safe but please be assured The Beauty Gurus treats your right to privacy and confidentiality with the utmost importance.

We do ask patient’s permission to use the pictures we take before and after the procedure or treatment. These pictures help not only the patient themselves to see the differences, sometimes very subtle, that we create but also help other patients to understand what can and cannot be achieved. However, consent and the patient’s right to privacy is also at the forefront of the process. As our colleague in the United States put it:

“Patients know we anonymously post before-and-after pictures and where it will be shared, whether it’s social media, a website or print,” he explains. “Regardless, there is never association of the person’s name or any identifying patient information to the outside source. As a matter fact, we typically even cover any potential identifying elements like tattoos or jewellry. The key word is anonymous. Patient privacy is critical.”

Sentiments that we wholeheartedly agree with. So, if you are considering plastic surgery please be assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect, care and privacy with The Beauty Gurus.

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