The title of this article has an intentional question mark when it comes to my opinion on the subject, mostly due to the angle on which this story could be perceived.

A rise in Plastic Surgery for Christmas?

Any surgeon who sees a patient who declares that for example they’d like ‘the perfect cleavage for selfies at Christmas’ would be understandably alarmed. It would seem that the patient was down playing the magnitude of #Plasticsurgery and I personally would want to spend a little more time understanding the reasons for making the decision to have a procedure before going any further.

Of course my job as a Plastic Surgeon is to provide my patients with an Aesthetic result that lifts their confidence but I have a dual role in that my team and I are there to offer support along the way too. The consultation is an opportunity not only for the patient to describe what they’d like to achieve but also for the surgeon to ensure that the patient has fully considered all aspects of the operation even down to any associated risks and that decisions have not been made on a whim.

In my experience there are lots of reasons why a patient may choose to have surgery around #Christmas. The most common is that many businesses close over the period or operate with a reduced workforce so workers tend to use holidays around this time. Most hospitals operate 365 days a year so a patient may take advantage of having their surgery during a quiet time at work or when family are around to help out at home during the recovery.

The other common reason for surgery happens all year round whether patients want to achieve a bikini body for the summer or to wear a little black dress at Christmas. I often hear from patients that they are trying to achieve personal goals, for example if a patient has lost weight, had a baby or been working out at the gym they may attend a consultation and the festive period may coincidentally be a good time for that particular individual to achieve their goal.

The Cosmetic Surgery industry in the UK has become more highly regulated over recent years to protect our patients. Marketing, Advertising and Patient Pathways are under much more control and rightly so. We offer second consultations and insist on a period of time following consultation to consider the wish to proceed with surgery. Our patients’ welfare is of paramount importance and will always be our priority.

Our clinics are held in Birmingham and The Midlands. For more information you can visit our website or call 0800 612 5919 to make an appointment.

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Hashtag Plastic Surgery (#plasticsurgery)

Hashtag Plastic Surgery (#plasticsurgery)

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