This article causes us great concern for these patients. Surgery is a big decision and many of our clients wish to keep it completely private, often even from their partners.
It is difficult to understand how these records should be hacked in this way but this is not the first scandal to befall The Harley Medical Group. The group were one of the largest companies involved with the PIP scandal, having used thousands of PIP implants on it’s patients. Subsequently, the company argued that replacing these implants would have put it out of business. The patients now suffering from this latest exposure may have wished it had!

At The Beauty Gurus, we put the welfare and security of our patients first. We don’t just say that, we do so with our actions. If you are considering surgery, come and talk to the experts. Our team has many years experience in handling all manner of requests from thousands of patients. However, despite the demand for our services, which is growing at a phenomenal rate right now, we remain personal, professional and focused on the needs of our patients. It’s what sets us apart.

With cosmetic surgery clinics throughout London, Birmingham, Hereford and the West Midlands, come and talk to us now or why not visit us at The Beauty Gurus or call us on 0800 612 5919.


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