The Beauty Gurus are concerned about the lack of regulation in the Aesthetic field. It seems very little training is required either at the initial stage or on an ongoing basis for someone to be allowed to inject fillers and botox into a patient. Our approach, as with everything we do, is professional and to the highest standard. Our new specialist plastic surgery nurse has benefited from extensive training from our top surgeon, Mr Vikram Vijh.
Mr Vijh is an expert in all aspects of cosmetic surgery but his understanding of the physical anatomy of the head and neck are at a level almost unmatched by any other UK based surgeon. Under close tutelage from Mr Vijh, our nurse has been trained to a level where Mr Vijh is comfortable that she is ready and sufficiently trained to maintain the highest standards that we apply to all our services.  Compare this approach with a “one day course and off you go” approach that is adopted by many other establishments!  It is not acceptable to us to do this. It is legal, but that does not mean we accept it is sufficient in our eyes. This is why we have adopted our own standards. Standards that ensure the highest levels of service and safety for our clients.

If you are considering an injectable procedure or you already have them on a regular basis, please come and have a chat with us. Our approach will set the standard in the towns where we practice. We have clinics in Hereford, Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. We should also point out that we do not cut corners on the products we use either. We only use FDA approved products for our injectable service. There are many products available in the UK, but there are very few approved by the rigorous US FDA organisation.

Come and have a chat with one of our patient coordinators. Call us on 0800 612 5919 or contact The Beauty Gurus.

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It is interesting to read a story such as this. What it shows is that the issues we face in plastic surgery are replicated around the globe. At The Beauty Gurus, we strive to uphold the highest standards of surgery for our patients.

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