We read this article with great interest! Not only is Birmingham the capital of cosmetic surgery, but it seems that it is the centre for rhinoplasty as well!  In the large part, The Beauty Gurus are responsible for these numbers. We have seen our patient numbers swell dramatically this year, particularly with regards to facial and  rhinoplasty surgery.

Mr Vijh has appeared on many TV programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies Live, Last Chance Salon etc and this has quite rightly put him in the public eye as an expert in his field. Mr Vijh has seen an ever growing number of patients at our clinics in Hereford, Birmingham and London asking for revision of facial surgery that has not gone well. “A revision of work already done is a lot more difficult than a first stage procedure. It’s vital to chose an experienced surgeon in the first place.” explains Mr Vijh.

We now see patients coming to us from as far away as Malta, South America and of COURSE all round the UK. It is refreshing to see patients doing this as we have long campaigned against the dangers of going abroad for surgery. The fact that surgery is carried out abroad is not the issue, the issue is the qualifications and expertise of the surgeons and the facilities where the surgery is carried out.

As we head towards the end of the year, we would like to wish all our clients A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year . To chat to us about any aspect of COSMETIC SURGERY, go The Beauty Gurus where you can now chat to us live via the website! Alternatively, call us on 0800 612 5919

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Choosing A Reputable Surgeon

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