Although this article is from the United States, it has some terrible similarities to the situation in this country. It is certainly the case that some patients are cost conscious when it comes to surgery. In this particular case, the costs were much less with the surgeon performing the operation than an average cost with a reputable surgeon. However, do not be fooled by cost. Cheaper is not necessarily bad, dearer is not necessarily good. What is of the utmost importance is what and who you are getting.

For your breast augmentation (or boob job as it is commonly known), are you getting a BAPRAS or BAAPS registered surgeon? Are you getting someone trained to the level of FRCS (plast) in the UK? Are you getting someone who has performed hundreds of this specific procedure? Are you getting top quality implants such as Allergan? Does your surgeon give you two weeks to think about things after the consultation?  If the answer is “no” to ANY of these questions, think again.

It constantly surprises us that the decision to place your own body in the hands of an individual you have never met is not done with thorough research. Unfortunately, as the article says, this kind of result with patients suffering at the hands of unregistered or just poor quality surgeons is on the rise. We see it all the time in our clinics in Hereford, Birmingham and London. The decision to undergo surgery should not be taken lightly by anyone. We would never accept any patient for surgery that we were not convinced was suitable for surgery and had a full grasp of all the risks.

For reference, our answer to all the above questions would be “yes”. Be sure you are using a well qualified, reputable surgeon. Call us now on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at The Beauty Gurus.

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The Beauty Gurus  do agree with the underlying trend the article highlights with regard to growing numbers of patients and the areas they are looking for treatments in. However, we do find it difficult to be comfortable with reading comments from a previous director of The Harley Medical Group who accurately describes the PIP situation as a scandal.

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