We read this article with some interest. We do agree with the underlying trend the article highlights with regard to growing numbers of patients and the areas they are looking for treatments in. However, we do find it difficult to be comfortable with reading comments from a previous director of The Harley Medical Group who accurately describes the PIP situation as a scandal. Our feeling is that The Harley Medical Group contributed to this scandal in some way by using these cheap implants on thousands of patients and then refused to replace them, leaving many patients high and dry.

We also refer you to not one but two articles articles on the subject at the time.

For the record, our surgeons have NEVER used PIP implants. Quite the opposite, we buy market leading Allergan implants. We do not buy them on price, we buy them on quality. Please, chose a surgeon on quality, not on price. Come and see us at our clinics in London, Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands contact us at The Beauty Gurus or call  0800 612 5919

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