Botox and fillers are extremely common treatments in todays cosmetic market. However, their usage is becoming more and more scrutinised as the government begins to see the need for regulation for these potentially harmful substances. It is a fact that with very little training, often as little as a day, a poorly qualified user can inject them into a patient legally.

Cosmetic Surgeon Vik Vijh

However, at The Beauty Gurus, we don’t believe ANY cosmetic proceedure should be carried out with such little training and in particular by people trained so badly. As you may have seen last night on Extreme Beauty Disasters on TLC channel, Mr Vijh , a fully qualified plastic surgeon, offers a “try before you buy” technique.

This involves the injection of a saline solution into the area being potentially targeted for treatment. The patient can then see the possible result for a short period of time, around ten minutes. This saves the patient having a treatment, paying a lot of money and not liking the end result.

The Beauty Gurus feels this is a responsible technique adopted by responsible practitioners. It might appear to some patients that botox and fillers are a relatively safe and easy treatment to have. It matters not. Please put your body in safe hands.

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