Cosmetic surgery is a very big step for anyone. In many cases as stated in this article, a patient is choosing to have a general anaesthetic, an incision which will leave scars and a recovery period sometimes stretching for months. The Beauty Gurus cannot fathom how patients consider going abroad for surgery as a viable option. We totally understand that a patients desire for cosmetic surgery and their financial position is not always in line. However, with the report that up to 50% of patients return unhappy with their results, the consequences of cut price surgery abroad have to be considered.

Up to 20% need corrections. Several years ago, the NHS took the decision to charge patients for corrective surgery after complications from elective cosmetic surgery performed abroad. This means that these patients will almost certainly pay more than they would have done had they stayed in the UK for sugery…without the need for a second procedure as well.

In the recent programme on TLC , Extreme Beauty Disasters on satallite channel 125, Mr Vijh has seen outcomes from botched surgery that cannot be corrected. This means that these poor patients are stuck with the results for the rest of their lives, often affecting their health. Please consider surgery very carefully and please use a reputable fully trained and qualified UK surgeon. The surgeons at The Beauty Gurus are fully trained UK surgeons working in both the NHS in major plastic surgery units and are in private practice.

Cosmetic Surgeon Vik Vijh on Extreme Beauty Diasasters

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