Once more we find ourselves saddened and in complete agreement with BAAPS and this article. For many years our founder at The Beauty Gurus, Mr Vikram Vijh has been calling for more regulation, tighter controls and better registration for ALL elements of cosmetic surgery. The fact remains, unless you opt for a surgeon who is fully trained, on the specialist register and proficient in the precise procedure you are looking for then you are raising the risk factor for yourself.

Please, do not take a chance simply to save a few hundred pounds. It just isn’t worth it. All procedures carry a risk, with whichever provider you go with, but why increase that? Choosing a procedure could be the most important step you make in your life, certainly for many years. Make it an informed one. Make it a good one. Whether its liposuction, breast augmentation, botox or fillers you are considering, please call us. We will give you honest advice as we have been doing to patients for many years now.

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