Cosmetic Surgery enthusiast/social media influencer Chloe Khan has recently come under fire for promoting free surgery as a competition prize. To some degree it is difficult to know where to start when commenting on articles such as this one.

Cosmetic surgery is a big step in anyone’s life.

It takes a lot of thought, research and commitment to the process from a patient. It is NEVER something that should be offered as a prize or incentive, nor should it be trivialised in any way. We are appalled at this competition if this article is true.

Giving someone something for free makes them more determined to take it irrespective of the risks the “winner” may face. It takes no account for the person’s health either psychological or physical, and it takes no account for any need the patient actually has or might not have.

We cannot think of a more irresponsible prize in a competition in our industry. We urge anyone reading this to give it a wide berth and encourage others to do the same.

Giving someone something for free makes them more determined to take it

We do of course recognise the influence that social media can & does have on potential patients in our industry.

It’s a shame that people with huge follower numbers cannot use their influence for the betterment of the aesthetic industry, rather than trivialising it.

Highlighting the risks, as well as the benfits would be a much more responsible way to go about things.

Choice of surgeon, age of patient, health of the patient, expectation of the patient and choice of hospital are all very serious issues to consider when thinking about surgery. Many patients take many months to weigh up the benefits against the potential risks.

We actively encourage this. Our patients can be years in considering surgery. This is a good thing.

Please, take surgery seriously. Go to a recognised and established surgeon who will ONLY put your best interest at heart.

If you would like to discuss surgery with any of our experts, please contact us here.

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