The Beauty Gurus has recently read a few articles on the trend for younger and younger people to be considering or even having surgery in the UK. We strongly advise a note of caution for anyone considering plastic surgery at a very young age. The pressures of looking good are more so now than ever before but surgery on a face or body at a young age is not necessarily a good solution.

People develop at different speeds and it could be that a patients body has still some growing or developing to do before it reaches maturity. This could completely affect the outcome. This is not even to consider the psychological aspects of having surgery so young.

There will be cases where surgery is a good thing, even at a young age. However, go to a reputable plastic surgeon. Go to a surgeon that will tell you what is best for you, not to a salesperson that will tell you what you want to hear. At The Beauty Gurus, you will meet your surgeon. You will have a chance to think about things and you will be very well informed about all the risks associated with the procedure you are looking into. It’s because we go about things the right way that we have so many satisfied patients.

The Beauty Gurus. If you’re not happy, neither are we.

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