Mum wants ‘non-academic’ daughter, 14, to have cosmetic surgery ‘as ugly people get nowhere’.

Another article that says everything that is wrong today with some people in society. Being in the cosmetic surgery industry, should we be supporting people to change their appearance if they are perceived ugly, to help them get on in life?

Absolutely not.

Firstly, we never feel looks alone will get people to their goals in life. What makes a person beautiful is way beyond their outward appearance.

Secondly, going ahead with surgery and thinking it is the solution to all your problems is simply a dangerous reason to embark on what is serious surgery in the first place.

Plastic surgery is not without risks. With good surgeons it carries less risks than with some, but it always carries risks. As responsible surgeons, at the Beauty Gurus we always consider a patient’s psychological reasons for wanting to have surgery. This is an absolutely critical part of the process and we cannot stress enough how important it is as a part of what we do.

Good surgeons refuse patients surgery.

That’s a fact. Not everyone is looking for surgery for the right reasons and if we feel the reasons are not in the patients’ best interest, we will refuse to operate.

Surgery on children in particular we are very, very careful with and would only perform if there was a functional problem to the nose. To even contemplate Botox on someone who has just turned 16 for cosmetic purposes is something we just would not do.

This article we could write about for some time! In essence, and let’s be very clear about things, we are surgeons that perform very high standard surgery on patients that we assess, advise and feel we can help.

The reasons for surgery have to be valid, for the patient and not for someone else, and in line with all the guidelines and ethics in our training and experience.

If they are not, we will not operate. We do tend to find that most of our patients are well considered and come to us for the right reasons! This means we can help them.

Please, do not take surgery lightly. Surgery can indeed change your life for the better in the right circumstances, but it may make little or no difference if your mind-set is not in the right place to start with.


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