Lots of people ask me about the latest cream or technique they have read about in a magazine or on the internet.  Unfortunately my personal opinion is that a lot of them just don’t work.  So what does work and when should you use it.

Dynamic Facial Sculpting

Some lines and wrinkles only appear when you move your face, for example frown lines on your forehead or crows feet around your eyes.  These lines are caused by muscles under the skin contracting and causing the skin to crease.  Botulinum toxin, often called Botox can be injected in tiny quantities with a very fine needle into these muscles.  It causes them to stop working usually for four to six months.  During that time, the wrinkles cannot form.  Some younger ladies are now coming in to ensure they never get the wrinkles in the first place. The secret to giving Botox is to know which muscles to put it in and how much to use.  As long as this is done by an experienced plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor you should have no problems.

Static Facial Sculpting

Some winkles or creases are present whether you move your face or not, for example the naso-labial fold, which is the furrow that runs from the bottom of your nose to the corner of your mouth.  This furrow can become quite deep as we age.  To reduce this appearance we can inject fillers behind the crease or furrow which has the effect of pumping them out and making them less deep.  This results in a rejuvenated appearance.  Choice of filler is important and I tend to recommend non-permanent fillers such as the Hyaluronic acids.  For a more permanent result I tend to harvest some fat from the tummy and use this as a filler, because you can’t be allergic to your own fat. Synthetic permanent can cause terrible problems if you react to them.

Skin Care

As with everything I only use things I know work, despite a huge number of creams in the market place the Prescription only creams are the ones I recomend.  These are usually six week courses of creams that you apply at home once you have been shown how to use them.  They even out skin pigmentations rejuvinate the skin and even improve some of the finer wrinkles.  A skin peel does the same thing but goes a little deeper.

As with all things to do with cosmetic surgery and treatments my three golden rules are

1) Research your surgeon
2) Research your surgeon
3) Research your surgeon

If you would like to discuss any aspect of cosmetic surgery or non surgical rejuvenation go somewhere reputable with a name you can trust like the Nuffield Health Hospital Hereford.

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