We read this article with some interest. We have not noticed a drop in demand for surgery at The Beauty Gurus. Quite the opposite, we have seen an increased demand this year.

Poor Quality Cosmetic Surgery Products - PIP implants

We believe that more and more patients are moving away from the clinics to organisations such as The Beauty Gurus. Clinics such as Harley Medical Group that used thousands of PIP implants over the years are getting a lot of bad press for the way they have handled patients since the scandal broke. It is not for us to say whether that bad press is deserved.

We will point out that we have never used PIP implants. We will also point out that our surgeons are UK trained, UK resident, NHS employed and are all members of either BAAPS, BAPRAS or both . It is not a coincidence that surgeons like us are now experiencing higher demand. 

Patients tell us they realise that the choice of surgeon is critical. An elective surgical procedure is possibly the most serious event in someone’s life. Why would you risk that with a lesser trained or inexperienced surgeon?

We are proud that we offer surgery of the highest quality. We are here to help, advise and treat you…. where necessary of course! Come chat to us.

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