Apart from the announcement of a fellowship programme, this article contains several interesting facts. First, 14% of consultations are NOT DONE by the operating surgeon. This is awful. How on earth can an advisor be in a position to advise a patient as to what is necessary, right for them or advisable?

Our Beauty Gurus Surgeons Always Attend The Consultations

At The Beauty Gurus, you will only EVER see your surgeon. This is the only way to ensure you are getting proper advice from a fully qualified BAAPS registered surgeon. Do not take chances!

Also in the article is a reference to 40% or clinics NOT allowing a two week cool off period. This period is recommended to allow the patient to consider, question and understand the implications of surgery. DO NOT be rushed into surgery for commercial reasons. It is a big decision that should be given the due importance. Again, at The Beauty Gurus, we always allow 2 weeks as a cool off period. If your provider is enticing you with offers of surgery in a week , walk away.

For a consultation with one the UK’s top surgeons, contact us now on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at The Beauty Gurus.

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The dramatic Effect Plastic Surgery Can Have On Patients

The dramatic Effect Plastic Surgery Can Have On Patients

Its such a shame that the child in this article, so young is mocked for his appearance. For anyone to suffer this way is terrible but for a child it must be even harder to deal with.  Surgery for children,certainly as young as this, has to be given careful consideration. However, the benefits can frequently out weigh the risks for in this case, what is a fairly straightforward procedure.

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