The article linked raises some very pertinent points in respect of the pathway patients follow to reach a surgical provider. It also resonates very closely with the experiences we have had at The Beauty Gurus. Patients are indeed searching for images, reviews and information on surgeons. This is not a bad thing, nor would we discourage it. However, as the article points out “social media is inherently unregulated like the Wild West…’s hard to know what’s real.”

In the past couple of years we have experienced surgeons using the before and after shots from Mr Vijh’s patients and passing them off as their own. We have also had a detailed review from a patient that we never even treated on a review site! So, how can a prospective patient be sure about their surgeon?

There are a number of checks that can be done. A reputable plastic surgeon will be on the specialist register as a plastic surgeon. He or she will also be listed as such at the GMC. He or she will also hold the qualification FRCS (plast). We know of one vocal “cosmetic surgeon” who has had by comparison very little formal surgical training and has a lot of restrictions on his practice imposed by the GMC, yet who claims to uphold the highest standards in surgery. Any restrictions on a surgeon’s (or doctor’s) practice are on the GMC website and visible to the public.

Another indicator is the number of procedures a surgeon has done. Simple this one – just ask! Another is the membership of established associations such as BAAPS and BAPRAS. ALL our surgeons are members of these associations. Again, look for membership of these organisations. We know of another surgeon who himself established a “world academy” and was appointed secretary! 

BAAPS, by comparison, has existed for almost 40 years and has been the voice of the industry; has over 300 members; and is trusted by patients and governments alike. A surgeon has to have certain rigorous training qualifications to even apply for membership, and it is the only organisation that each year asks its members for a full audit return to monitor rates of complication and so on.

At The Beauty Gurus we are dedicated to the highest standards. We will always send before and after pictures if requested, we will happily show our credentials, experience and results.

We have long campaigned for better standards in plastic surgery. Mr Vijh was very vocal publicly at the time of the PIP issue.  We continue to voice our opinion at meetings, events and through our publications. Surgery should not be taken lightly and it should be performed by surgeons with the highest possible standards, qualifications and experience. At The Beauty Gurus, you can be assured that’s what we provide.

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