The lady in this article was typical of the patients we see that have had surgery with unacceptable results. Very often the patient questions their own feelings…am I being unrealistic, is it me, etc. A patients expectation is always an aspect of the pre surgical consultation that we try to manage at the outset at The Beauty Gurus. However, it should not be the case that the patient is assumed to be wrong if a desired result is not achieved. More and more we see that it is just bad surgery!

In the case of this particular patient, it was clear to Mr Vijh that the patient had not even had the necklift that she was expecting as part of the whole procedure. ‘When you get a patient like Yvonne, where they’ve had surgery but it’s not right, and you tell them it’s not right, the first emotion they have is relief that they’re not mad,’ adds Mr Vijh.

Mr Vijh appears frequently on programmes such as Last Chance Salon, Embarrassing Live etc and has recently been asked to be the resident plastic surgeon at Selfridges for their Beauty Project which was launched last week. Go to Selfridges for details and to book your place!

The reason Mr Vijh is asked to appear on such programmes and events is he is a good surgeon. Not just in respect of his clinical outcomes but also and very importantly in respect of how he engages and treats his patients. Recently we have begun consultation at our new rooms at 144 Harley Street. We get many, many requests for cosmetic surgery from patients in London and the south east and we feel it is right for us to come and see patients locally to them. It is because we make every effort to ensure patients have an informed, comfortable and professional experience with The Beauty Gurus that we get so many patient referrals.

Come and talk to us for friendly and professional advice from people with your interests at heart. Call us now on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at The Beauty Gurus.

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