A recent article published has revealed the perfect face, the face is made up of the most popular features requested by patients attending consultations for facial plastic surgery

1.    Nose – Duchess of Cambridge

2.    Eyes – Keira Knightley

3.    Eyebrows – Jennifer Lopez

4.    Lips – Penelope Cruz

5.    Cheeks – Angelina Jolie

6.    Skin – Reece Witherspoon

7.    Forehead – Miley Cyrus

8.    Chin – Selena Gomez

9.    Jaw line – Cher

It is important to be realistic with expectation when providing photos in this way, The Duchess of Cambridges nose for example is slim and fits perfectly with her slender facial proportions but may not suit a person with a rounder face for example. Scientists have confirmed that Kate’s nose, with its 106-degree nasal tip rotation (recent research shows that noses between 104-108 degrees in their orientation are the most beautiful) deserves a place on the world’s most perfect face.

The perfect face revealed…

It is extremely common for patients to attend consultations with images of celebrities whose features they would like to replicate. What is interesting with the facial features of almost all of these celebrities is that they are all very natural looking. This is something that has become more and more common over recent years, patients seem to steer away from the very surgically enhanced look and more towards discreet and less obvious enhancement.

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss the result you would like to achieve, there is no harm in bringing along a photo of a feature you like but it is important to be realistic as a persons’ face is unique in size, shape and symmetry. A feature that may suit one person but may not suit another, Plastic Surgery is about creating an aesthetically pleasing result that suits that particular individual.

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