The Beauty Gurus will not be passing comment on the sentence of Mr Masse following the recent trial in regard to the PIP scandal. We are happy that there has been a degree of closure for women on this.

However, many thousands of women remain deeply dissatisfied with their treatment, their outcomes and the way their problems have remained unresolved to this day. The Beauty Gurus have never used PIP in any of our procedures across our cosmetic surgery operating sites in the West Midlands.

PIP implants - Cosmetic Surgery Products

PIP were available to us. At a very low cost. Our approach has always to use what we consider to be the best products for our patients, not for our finances. That is a philosophy we carry throughout our daily work. We have been amazed some clinics have been replacing PIP implants with the next cheapest brand!

Breast implants have been shown for many years to be inherently safe but as with all products available in any market, differences in quality exist.

The Beauty Gurus are still seeing many patients wishing to have their implants replaced or removed. There are many considerations when contemplating this. Mr Vikram Vijh, our founder, was a leading light when the story broke and was asked for his comment by many national news agencies. See Mr Vijh HERE.

If you are considering further treatment to remove or replace your PIP implants, come and speak to us. The experts at The Beauty Gurus or call us on 0800 612 5919

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