We are concerned about patients travelling abroad so welcome this ban highlighted in the article. Just because a country endorses it’s own set up, does not mean all the risks are being considered, put across and highlighted. The mere fact a patient has to travel a huge distance almost immediately post surgery brings its own risks, discomforts and problems. Plastic surgery is a very important decision you make in regard to your body. We do not think such a decision should be made on the basis of price. Surgery abroad, in many cases, is chosen by patients as it is cheaper than in the UK. It is not a price decision. Indeed, this is a false economy. If things go wrong, it could end up costing you considerably more than the original procedure in the UK.

Please also be aware of the following fact. If you end up in the NHS following complications you have had from cosmetic surgery abroad, they are quite within their rights to charge you for the treatment. So why have surgery abroad when you can come and see one of the most respected surgeons in the business right on your doorstep in the UK? Mr Vijh at The Beauty Gurus is often asked to speak at the international conferences, such is his reputation.

Come and see him at our clinics in London, Birmingham , Hereford and throughout the West Midlands.  Contact us at The Beauty Gurus or call  0800 612 5919

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BAAPS Report Decline In Plastic Surgery Numbers

BAAPS Report Decline In Plastic Surgery Numbers

This article outlines an apparent decline in plastic surgery numbers over the last calendar year. We feel this is wholly attributable to the PIP effect. Patients flocked to us, and other reputable surgeons, in the wake of the PIP scandal. This meant we had very busy clinics up and down the country filled with patients wanting PIP implants removed. Many of the patients wanting removal had them done as quickly as they could after the scandal broke so naturally the number presenting now, is of course lower.

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