This article outlines an apparent decline in plastic surgery numbers over the last calendar year. We feel this is wholly attributable to the PIP effect. Patients flocked to us, and other reputable surgeons, in the wake of the PIP scandal. This meant we had very busy clinics up and down the country filled with patients wanting PIP implants removed. Many of the patients wanting removal had them done as quickly as they could after the scandal broke so naturally the number presenting now, is of course lower.

Despite that, we are still seeing increased numbers in our own practice. Mr Vijh is proving to be a very popular surgeon for many reasons. There is a definite shift in patient education towards well qualified, specialist registered surgeons fully trained in the UK. Mr Vijh also has many disctinctions that set him apart from even equally qualified plastic surgeons. He has been clinical lead for several years in one of the busiest plastic surgery NHS units in the country. He has been head of skin cancer for an entire region of the country. He is also constantly asked to display his skills to millions by featuring on popular TV shows such as Embarrassing Bodies, The Kyle Files and many others.

It takes a unique and particular skill to be able to successfully correct the botched work of another. Of course, the answer to this is simple. Go to an experienced surgeon who has done a considerable number of successful operations for the procedure you are considering.

Come and talk to us, or book a consultation if you are seriously considering a procedure. We run clinics in London, Birmingham, Hereford and the West Midlands. Contact us at The Beauty Gurus  or call us on 0800 612 5919

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Are Regulations Lacking In The Aesthetic Field

Are Regulations Lacking In The Aesthetic Field

The Beauty Gurus are concerned about the lack of regulation in the Aesthetic field. It seems very little training is required either at the initial stage or on an ongoing basis for someone to be allowed to inject fillers and botox into a patient. Our approach, as with everything we do, is professional and to the highest standard. Our new specialist plastic surgery nurse has benefited from extensive training from our top surgeon, Mr Vikram Vijh.

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