We hope you all watched with interest the Extreme Body Disasters programme on TLC last night. Mr Vik Vijh corrected a terrible case of a lady with PIP implants. The lady had gel bleeding from the implants and had saggy, rippled breasts as a result.

Cosmetic Surgeon Vik Vijh on Extreme Beauty Gurus

Mr Vijh corrected this problem by removing them and replacing them with new, fully filled implants placed in the proper position. The effect on the patient, as you may have seen, was a complete transformation of her body and more importantly, her outlook and well-being.

At The Beauty Gurus, we stress many times how important it is to use a reputable surgeon who only ever has used a top quality implant. It saddens us that Mr Vijh sees so many patients similar to this patient but we are proud to be able to correct them through the skill of our surgeons.

If you are a patient needing corrective surgery or considering surgery in the first instance, come and talk to us at one of our clinics in Birmingham, London, Hereford and the West Midlands. The choice of surgeon is imperative. Put your body in the hands of the best in the business. Contact us on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at www.thebeautygurus.com

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