This article details a number of new and exciting procedures but for me there are several elements to this piece, those relating to breast surgery: the increase in breast reduction and implant removal, the implants claimed to be the lightest yet but with exactly the same volume as their industry counterparts and then the intended push for greater regulation of the industry.

By far tighter regulation of our industry has my support so I am pleased to hear about the significant developments intended for 2016.

BAPRAS has recently launched its ‘Think it over before you make over’ campaign, a campaign which is really beginning to build momentum and rightly so. I have said it before when writing my own articles, I urge all patients when considering surgery to make informed decisions, not those  swayed by costs or trends and so this campaign has my whole-hearted backing. Unfortunately patients themselves are not always aware that the Specialist Register even exists. The GMC Specialist Register is the pinnacle of recognition for us Cosmetic Surgeons and the most important system which should be checked as a patient when considering your surgeon.  It gives the patient that ultimate reassurance that not only is your surgeon qualified  but that he/she has undertaken further specialist training or qualifications and has met the criteria in place to be recognised as a consultant and to appear on the register. Registration is only given when the legislation has been met, ie formal specialist training in the UK has been completed and certified or if the surgeon has been awarded qualification in specialised medicine by an appropriate competent authority in other member states of the EEA (European Economic Area).

You can check the status of your surgeon on the GMC website or by clicking here.

If you are considering surgery and wish to book a consultation with a GMC Specialist Surgeon, I hold clinics in Birmingham, Hereford and Worcester. You can make an appointment by calling 0800 612 5919 or for more information please visit my website.

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