We often get asked to clarify what are the difference between different “providers” of cosmetic surgery. We are happy to help and in doing so possibly dispel some popular myths!

Its true that the largest providers in the UK are often those that spend the most on advertising! They are frequently run by business people, NOT surgeons. They advertise heavily in magazines and on TV so you will know who they are! However, in many cases they do not use UK based surgeons and many of the surgeons they use are not anywhere near as qualified as a UK BAAPS surgeon for example. Mr Vijh and the other surgeons at The Beauty Gurus, Mr Lewis for example, are members of BAAPS and are trained to the qualification level of FRCS (Plast) . Ask your surgeon if he or she is qualified to this extent.

These clinics “find” patients and put them with their surgeons. They do not pay surgeons a great deal and frequently turn to overseas doctors to fulfil their patient lists. Occasionally these clinics have their own premises and tend to rent rooms around the country before asking their patients to travel great distances to their own venue. Traditionally, the clinics run as a business. As such, their financial pressure often weighted down with huge advertising costs, sometimes leads to in our opinion a poor choice of instruments , materials etc .

The choice of PIP implants would be a good example. Very cheap, but much to the detriment of so many women, we all know why. They are run as businesses with major costs associated. Normally, you will encounter sales people that are paid commission on patients going to consultation or surgery.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of purely patient finding websites. Their sole job is to put a patient with a surgeon. The surgeon will not be named on the website, they simply find the nearest and first available. This can give a random result. You do not know who you might get! As a company, The Beauty Gurus cannot see what purpose this type of business has got. They merely introduce patients to surgeons that frankly, if they are good enough, should have websites and businesses of their own.

Finally, we have surgeon owned and run businesses. It is no coincidence that the majority of these are operated and run by surgeons of the highest calibre. The Beauty Gurus is owned and run by BAAPS/BAPRAS members. We employ our own team who we trust. We do not pass on patients unless we feel in our considered professional opinion, that they will benefit from going elsewhere. We do not heavily advertise but prefer to rely on the exposure we get for being good at what we do and a huge number of referrals that we get from previous patients.

This group uses the best private hospital chains and the best quality instruments as we are not under the pressure of advertising, running huge teams of salespeople, offices and personnel. We do not employ any salespeople, we employ two ladies that have been in the industry and known by us personally for many years and are NOT paid at all on the number of patients converted, seen or in any other incentivised way. Very often our prices are not dissimilar to the other groups! However, with The Beauty Gurus, you are paying towards the quality of the surgeon , not the costs of advertising.

Ultimately, its a patients choice. However, given the facts, we believe ANY patient would rather their money went towards the costs of a top quality surgeon and Breast Implant for example, rather than to supplement a major TV advertising campaign and a bank of salespeople driven by the financial reward in putting patients in front of surgeons.

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The Beauty Gurus Philosophies

The Beauty Gurus Philosophies

We read this article with interest. Without wishing to comment on any hospital group specifically, we would like to clarify The Beauty Gurus philosophies. As we have stated before, we do not spend a lot of money on advertising. 

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